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WSET Diploma – Unit 3 – Week 7: Australia

My study schedule has happily been screwed up by – yes – a bunch of nights out, but conversely, a lot of time has gone into a wine lecture I had to prepare for. Practicing an hour-long speech doesn’t take a short time, especially if you’re trying to be witty the entire way through, but hey – it was fun and awesome and I like doing this kind of stuff.


Australia was the topic of this week’s class – the huge booklet of information was intimidating, especially because I did next to no preparation for the class, but it was a good session. There’s a weirdly large amount of information for a region that we only focus one class on, and it’s weird when you see how a large chunk of Europe’s grape-growing area can be the same size of Australia. Catching up is going to suck. I am currently audibly groaning.

Tahbilk 2011 Marsanne
Pewsey Vale 2006 “The Contours” Riesling
Fraser Gallop 2011 Chardonnay
Abel’s Tempest 2012 Pinot Noir
Yalumba 2013 Old Bush Vine Grenache
Peter Lehmann 2009 “8 Songs” Shiraz
Vasse Felix 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
Wynns 2005 “John Riddoch” Cabernet Sauvignon


DipWSET, Certified Sommelier, garbage person.

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