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Getting drunk-ish with Bokisch

Upon a first visit to the area, I'm not surprised that Lodi's land is as flat as my love life oft is, because, perhaps unfairly, I expected the mainstream homeland of Zinfandel to be just that. Zing. For real, though: we arrive at Bokisch, which from what I remember at the time, had more slopes than I remember in all of Lodi - and then a big oak tree located in the middle of some vineyards that was so prominent that "giant oak" was literally listed in our prepared itinerary, under which we would have a lunch, themed northeastern Spain. Barcelona flashbacks. There may have been a flying wine camera drone but anything could've happened at this point. Like our lunch, the wines of Bokisch focus on...

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WSET Diploma – Unit 3 – Week 16: Spain

Fun: wine fest, sort of. Not fun: PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. I'm debating whether or not I should squeeze another post dedicated to the Wine Fest 2015 because that's what I've done in the past, but I feel like I'm being a late bitch. I mean, these posts should be good enough. Right? Meh. Fun: Decades Apart Shiraz: Aussie Superstar All About Syrah Mod Oz Not fun: falling right back into wine class right after wine fest. Fun: Spanish wine, and definitely ignoring half the lecture to write in my journal because I'm a bad student. Not fun: Having an odd week-long and spirit-encompassing feeling of wanting to do nothing, including sleep or eat or work. Not sad or happy or tired or angry, just a state of existing. I hate when the trigonometric...

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WSET Diploma – Unit 3 – Week 11: Central Italy

Sangio-crazy. So on some last Tuesday of some sort, we were supposed to have practice (I love referring to practice blind tasting sessions as such because it sounds like I'm vaguely into sports) but it was cancelled because there's a bit of a cold going around. The viruses have decided disregard me over the past few months so I'm lucky, and that's saying something when you're in retail because you're basically touching everyone. I'll get it at the worst time, I'm sure. That one birthday when I invited my friends over but was wrapped up in a blanket the whole time. I hopped onto the 2015 Vancouver Wine Festival tickets slightly more ravenously than I did for Lady Gaga concert tickets last year, even though I'm...

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