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Barcelona: Cava to end the Saga

Spoiler alert: my few days in Spain were better than my two and a half weeks in France. Sorry, France. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you. #BeQuietTiffany Our hostel was superior to the one in Paris: Erin and I helped cook dinner one night, we met a Canadian from Edmonton, and we made a cab driver go through McDonalds after a hostel-hosted bar-hopping session that eventually ended on a club next to a beach. And then drinking on said beach, which was a reaaaaal big blur. Have you ever drunkenly told someone they look like Ygritte from Game of Thrones way too many times? There's a story later that night involving myself ejecting the Devil's Liquids from my soul, but...

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WSET Diploma – Unit 3 – Week 16: Spain

Fun: wine fest, sort of. Not fun: PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. I'm debating whether or not I should squeeze another post dedicated to the Wine Fest 2015 because that's what I've done in the past, but I feel like I'm being a late bitch. I mean, these posts should be good enough. Right? Meh. Fun: Decades Apart Shiraz: Aussie Superstar All About Syrah Mod Oz Not fun: falling right back into wine class right after wine fest. Fun: Spanish wine, and definitely ignoring half the lecture to write in my journal because I'm a bad student. Not fun: Having an odd week-long and spirit-encompassing feeling of wanting to do nothing, including sleep or eat or work. Not sad or happy or tired or angry, just a state of existing. I hate when the trigonometric...

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holiday wines with the co-workers

Overdue post, but it's all good. Some time in December one of us hosted another staff get together complete with an amazing multiple-course home-cooked meal, which included: - roasted celeriac soup - kohlrabi slaw with cranberries and walnuts - beet salad (with goat cheese) - braised white beans - roast chicken It was so good that most of the food is still weirdly vivid in my mind despite this being around 4 weeks ago. Alas, I don't remember the wines as well - I do remember one of us trying to act as a lion for a charades clue. The phrase was "The Chronicles of Narnia". Oh, and one of us was sick which sucked, which means we had no mashed potatoes. Oh wellzies. But yes - one...

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