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2016 was questionable, so here are 20 wines to pair with 2017

I ended a past blog post - themed: a review of 2015 - with the words "Welcome, 2016. I will cut you." Though I feel like I did personally make some substantial dents in this crunchy titanium can of a year, the general consensus seems to be that we created a blueprint for goodness, but then said blueprint was stolen, lit on fire, and then puréed with an unwashed beige-coloured towel embroidered with the words "~fUcK yOu~", styled in Comic Sans MS. I won't fill this post with hopes for 2017 so that I don't build myself a bigger bowl of disappointment, but instead will list wines that remind me of an upwards trend of hope, a vague connection to the vapid consolation of Pantone's Color of...

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Vancouver International Wine Festival 2015: “All About Syrah”

Legit tried to give my ticket away or sell it just hours before like a chump, because the previous day's Australian Shiraz tasting made me seriously question what possessed me to buy a ticket to an event where I was subject to taste eleven more Syrah wines. No ma'am. I couldn't even give my ticket away to someone for free, as he reluctantly looked at me as if I'd just knocked on his door and asked if his life had been saved by Syrah yet. I thought it was a bad sign when some sort of false fire alarm went off right when the beginning of the event rolled around. As soon as I was going to test if the rhythm would match up...

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WSET Diploma – Unit 3 – Week 9: Workshop #2

Okay, let's be real here: it's the holidays, and during the entirety of the WSET diploma, there was inevitably going to be at least one class that combined horribly with a hangover, and that day was today. I'm stubborn and quasi-meticulous: I've never missed a class nor have I ever not written about a wine we tried, but I just don't have the willpower to give birth to separate posts this time around. Not that anyone's really counting on me, anyways. Insert booing crowd here. The last workshop we had consisted of one flight of three wines and some written practice. Today consisted of two flights of wine and no written practice (thank the gods), and we promised our instructor that we...

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