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2014 Vancouver International Wine Festival – Wine Tour de France Seminar

This year's wine fest kicked off with me doing the blind tasting challenge on the Wednesday - the rest of my day consisted of lunch with colleagues, errands involving heavy lifting, and then seeing the new Lego movie. I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted, which is an obvious call for trouble: the next day started off with a France-themed tasting at 9:30AM; the big, busy, and irritating trade tasting at 2:30PM; and an exciting Bourgogne-themed tasting at 5PM. A day full of constant mouth stimuli. Since this was one of the trade tastings (opposed to a consumer one), there were lots of familiar faces. But I shamelessly admit that any human interaction is personally difficult and gruelling before...

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nine bottles for six bodies

[caption id="attachment_827" align="aligncenter" width="695"] mmmmmm.[/caption] Yeah - part of my job is that I get to taste a lot of wines. It's really helping with stressful midterm season, and my co-workers and I decided to taste some stuff at one of our houses (Thanks! I'm sure we annoyed your neighbours oops). Unfortunately one of us was sick and couldn't make it, which really sucks because we tasted some pretty cool things, but I guess more wine for us OH WELL. Also, we all had these blind with the exception for the last one, which is always fun. I'm glad everyone waited for a co-worker and I to close and travel to the place - I'm sure everyone was itching to open the...

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