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“Home” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Lustau “Don Nuño” Solera Reserva Dry Oloroso

I don't know why some nutty sherries seem to evoke nostalgia to me. Perhaps its the intentionally oxidized and hence "aged" sort of character, or perhaps its the fact that these types of wines are the stereotypical grandma-standard of beverages. Who knows. But this really is like liquid sepia photographs, as shitty as it feels to say....

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Somewhere in-between “summer hipster barbecue shindig” and “sunny debonair yacht party”: Bodegas Hidalgo “Pastrana” Manzanilla Pasada

Sherry has this aged and old-person blasé sort of connotation, but there was something about this wine that was somewhere in-between "summer hipster barbecue shindig" and "sunny yacht party" (do you hate me yet?). I'm not-so-secretly hoping that Manzanilla will be the upcoming underground dinner equivalent to PBR....

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