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2016 was questionable, so here are 20 wines to pair with 2017

I ended a past blog post - themed: a review of 2015 - with the words "Welcome, 2016. I will cut you." Though I feel like I did personally make some substantial dents in this crunchy titanium can of a year, the general consensus seems to be that we created a blueprint for goodness, but then said blueprint was stolen, lit on fire, and then puréed with an unwashed beige-coloured towel embroidered with the words "~fUcK yOu~", styled in Comic Sans MS. I won't fill this post with hopes for 2017 so that I don't build myself a bigger bowl of disappointment, but instead will list wines that remind me of an upwards trend of hope, a vague connection to the vapid consolation of Pantone's Color of...

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2010 Tolloy Pinot Grigio

My impressions of Pinot Grigio were probably muddled with negativity, because I was surprised that this wine in particular was of this grape. Although my mind wasn't blown, I was slightly impressed by the nutty and floral complexity that this wine displayed, and this has been my go-to Pinot Grigio ever since even though that's somewhat of a personal oxymoron (ha)....

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