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Amarone in the streets, Recioto in the sheets, Raboso if you cancel on me.

I can now cross Utah off the list of places I've been, y'all. Apparently the aggressive snowfall stopped for the 24 hours a colleague and I went to Park City for a work thing, so the snowy mountains were a nice distraction from the frigid air I sometimes despise. Anyways, I got sick when I got back, because the elevations of Park City actually can allegedly fuck you up. I didn't believe our driver from the airport, but there you go. I always recall a particular Veneto 2014 wine sesh (damn, was it 2014?!) where we did the typical run of Veneto wines along with a wine made from the relatively obscure Raboso grape, which basically means "angry" - maybe due to its big tannic bite....

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