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Gay wine culture: the uncontrollable urge to pair Arroyo Grande wines with Ariana Grande

The stroke of December leads to the dawn of pregnant holiday plans which I've decided to not spend in Vancouver for the first time. Christmas, the first of my big two, has passed - and I planned for the Eve to be a quiet one, and it was legitimately fantastic. Why don't I roast vegetables more often, while listening to Ariana Grande's Christmas music, and then watch episodes of Grand Hotel while sipping Crémant? I spent the 25th at a friend's, a polar opposite yang to the previous night's yin. Ever watch someone combine your Premier Cru Champagne with Korbel, but then have your cringe melt into a shrug because it's Christmas? Yeah. And then the other holiday evenings. Y'all. One night involved all of attending the...

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nine bottles for six bodies

[caption id="attachment_827" align="aligncenter" width="695"] mmmmmm.[/caption] Yeah - part of my job is that I get to taste a lot of wines. It's really helping with stressful midterm season, and my co-workers and I decided to taste some stuff at one of our houses (Thanks! I'm sure we annoyed your neighbours oops). Unfortunately one of us was sick and couldn't make it, which really sucks because we tasted some pretty cool things, but I guess more wine for us OH WELL. Also, we all had these blind with the exception for the last one, which is always fun. I'm glad everyone waited for a co-worker and I to close and travel to the place - I'm sure everyone was itching to open the...

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