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wine 101 @ UBC

[caption id="attachment_785" align="aligncenter" width="695"] The fantastic crowd![/caption] So yeah! I led the first tasting of this school year at the UBC Wine Tasting Club. It was awesome and complete with me spilling wine while demonstrating swirling, me speaking horrendously quietly and fast while avoiding the tens and tens of eyes on me, and me silently freaking out and wondering if people were getting bored as I barked on and on about the noble grape varieties. Which is great, because that's me being normal. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. [caption id="attachment_784" align="aligncenter" width="695"] Because his name is Brett. Like, Brettanomyces. I'm the worst.[/caption] What was also fantastic was that Holly brought her Le Nez du Vin set which was amazingly fun. People were trying to quiz...

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What wines pair with a zombie apocalypse?

So one time I wrote a cover letter. In the midst of it, while talking about my interest in wine, I half-jokingly stated that I could find wines to pair with a zombie apocalypse. Because why not? My major in university combines areas of science and art; wine itself combines science and art; so why not pair wine with brains, despair, and the rotting undead? (The cover letter was for some computer science co-op job. I'm such an idiot.) And so I gave it serious thought. Clearly, in a post-apocalyptic sitch, we're gonna need to find a balance of delicious and practical. It's inevitable. I mean - deliciousness is nice, but you're going to have to really think - will the slender...

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Okay so clearly I haven't updated in like, ever. Typing up tasting notes for all those wines proved to be a challenge and I eventually got sucked up at work and on personal programming projects. Who knows if I'll ever get to those blog posts, but that's okay. Because here's a post. I got my WSET advanced results back. I don't normally brag, but I got a pass with distinction! #awyiss. Yeah. Exciting. And annoying for you. I'm sorry. Also, I'm helping to lead a wine tasting at UBC this Friday. We're going over the basics. Hurrah! I thought I had lots to say but I don't. So here's a picture of a wine we might have on Friday. ...

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