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Bay/Bae Wines for Bay/Bae Moments

This city is doing things to me. I willingly and happily went to a networking event, you guys! I mean, it was themed which made it as enticing as free booze at straight equivalents of such events: it was hosted at Oasis by Out in Tech, a company which focusses on LGBTQ+ folks in the tech world. I've attended the venue before, in the form of drag shows and fuzzy evenings, but upon a night of networking, it got packed real quickly, the drink lines as straight as the room's sexualities. I'm exclaiming my excitement for a queer tech networking event, yet weeks later I'm stoked about a regular one. 20-year-old me is grimacing at 25-year-old me. Also, you know you've reached peak queer tech when...

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