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#WBC15 Tinder Wine Session #2

I'm pretty sure Mykha'el and I sat at the same place for our second round and we were still relatively pretty empty for a table (which was awesome) but this time we were also with fellow wine baes Brianne and Cory. Standing Stone 2013 Saperavi (Finger Lakes, New York) $30 Deep purple. Lots of compelling dark berry fruit and some plum. Peppery and bunch with a curvy body and soft structure. Fruity depth and very satisfying. "My Boxer" by Oh Land? Apparently the only winery in the Finger Lakes that does a Saperavi. Fox Run 2012 Lemberger (Finger Lakes, New York) $21 Stinky, perhaps a bit reductive. Peppery with blackberry and brown spices. Echoes flavours on the palate with a dark and shadowy finish. Notably slightly...

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#WBC15 Tinder Wine Session #1

i.e. Live Wine Blogging but I like my name better. Somehow, Mykha'el and I got an entire table to ourselves, but we owned that shit. Every representative that came to our table sighed with relief and took a chill seat next to one of us; they relaxed and poured us their wine and talked about it for five minutes until they heard the dreaded ding, indicating that they had to move on to the next table, for a total of 10 times. We were told that this year would be different, and every wine we would have in both this session and the next would consist solely of wines from New York. It was so seemingly perfect as we ended with an ice wine. Standing Stone 2013 Gewürztraminer (Finger Lakes, New York)...

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