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2014 Vancouver International Wine Festival – Wine Tour de France Seminar

This year's wine fest kicked off with me doing the blind tasting challenge on the Wednesday - the rest of my day consisted of lunch with colleagues, errands involving heavy lifting, and then seeing the new Lego movie. I didn't get as much sleep as I wanted, which is an obvious call for trouble: the next day started off with a France-themed tasting at 9:30AM; the big, busy, and irritating trade tasting at 2:30PM; and an exciting Bourgogne-themed tasting at 5PM. A day full of constant mouth stimuli. Since this was one of the trade tastings (opposed to a consumer one), there were lots of familiar faces. But I shamelessly admit that any human interaction is personally difficult and gruelling before...

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Joiefarm Wines – 2012

I had the opportunity to try six of Joiefarm's wines today, all being part of the new 2012 vintage. Hilariously pronounced by many customers ("Joey") - some with confidence, some hesitant, and most with charm - these wines are popular with the locals, but personally, I've never been drawn to their wines. They take advantage of BC's relatively cooler climate and vinify mostly white grapes, although their PTG has been praised by Jancis Robinson (all hail the queen). All good checkboxes for reasons to buy, but perhaps it's the 20-30 dollar price point (which honestly, makes sense for some good BC wine anyways) or perhaps it's the weird combination that the labels bring: simple but somehow ugly. That's just me, though....

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holiday wines with the co-workers

Overdue post, but it's all good. Some time in December one of us hosted another staff get together complete with an amazing multiple-course home-cooked meal, which included: - roasted celeriac soup - kohlrabi slaw with cranberries and walnuts - beet salad (with goat cheese) - braised white beans - roast chicken It was so good that most of the food is still weirdly vivid in my mind despite this being around 4 weeks ago. Alas, I don't remember the wines as well - I do remember one of us trying to act as a lion for a charades clue. The phrase was "The Chronicles of Narnia". Oh, and one of us was sick which sucked, which means we had no mashed potatoes. Oh wellzies. But yes - one...

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