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2008 Thelema Shiraz

My first whiff and I muttered "woah", which prompted my classmate to throw me a "I know right?" look. There are a lot of things going in this wine, aroma-wise, and there's a concentrated character to boot. Barnyard and slight ashy meaty aromas are well balanced by fruit and a firm but ripe structure. A complete steal for $29 dollars....

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2013 Term 2 Week 4 – FNH 330 is a total joke

Last week ended off nicely. 5 of us went to the Sandbar on Granville Island for Dine Out Vancouver and then we went clubbing afterwards which was high-energy yet somehow boring and bordering on chore-like as the night went on. I'm definitely not a club-goer: glancing at awkward guys who dance like they're hailing cabs and saving my female friends from over-friendly chaps aren't really my favourite things, but if I have to go a club, I'd at least like to dance 1) drunk; 2) oblivious to anyone around me but my friends; and 3) to guilt-free Top 40 music (hey: time and place, right?) which I didn't even get: the music was shitty(/shittier) and I knew little to none...

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holiday wines with the co-workers

Overdue post, but it's all good. Some time in December one of us hosted another staff get together complete with an amazing multiple-course home-cooked meal, which included: - roasted celeriac soup - kohlrabi slaw with cranberries and walnuts - beet salad (with goat cheese) - braised white beans - roast chicken It was so good that most of the food is still weirdly vivid in my mind despite this being around 4 weeks ago. Alas, I don't remember the wines as well - I do remember one of us trying to act as a lion for a charades clue. The phrase was "The Chronicles of Narnia". Oh, and one of us was sick which sucked, which means we had no mashed potatoes. Oh wellzies. But yes - one...

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