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WSET Advanced Course and Wines

My goodness - the six-day WSET Advanced classes really are intense - but not because it's six days, but because I have to wake up at 7:30AM for two sets of three days in a row, when my current lazy summer schedule calls for me waking up past ten. I really don't mind the long wine tasting sessions, except for the fact that the coffee buzz starts to wear off after lunch and all your energy goes into digesting, and you happen to find yourself at the literal almost-snore stage of drifting off during the time your wine instructor is in the middle of showing a video on German Riesling. To make matters worse, the lights are off during these...

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Birthday 2012!

My regular birthday occurs at such an inconvenient time, so I decided on sone pseudo-arbitrary future date on which to PAR-TAY. In terms of wine, though - my friends are all across the board. Some don't drink wine (ouch), some do, some prefer beer, some don't drink at all - you know. I tried to select a bunch of wines that would be crowd pleasers, but not in that sort of overly sleazy way. I ended up only being able to review the 2011 Chateau Cailleteau Bergeron Sauvignon Blanc and 2011 Wild Goose Autumn Gold beforehand, since I didn't want to open the three sparkling wines (Cava, Moscato, Brachetto) that I did have until we wanted to drink them. We didn't get to...

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