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Cheesy Facebook posts: Harvey’s Bristol Cream

Tasting Note:

Eyes: clear, deep amber, legs
Nose: clean, med+ intensity, fully developed, cola, fig, nuts, spice, browned butter
Mouth: sweet, full-bodied, med fortification, med- acid, med intensity, cola, fig, hint nuts, sweet spice, med length, brown sugar, molasses
All in all: (Acceptable to) Good quality: though there is some intense character, there isn’t enough complexity or acid to balance out the sweetness, nor is there much character on the finish. Drink now, not suitable for ageing.

Harvey's Bristol Cream[Tasted during WSET Diploma class – Section 2 – Week 7]

You know the type. Like the faux-sepia pictures of two Converse-clad feet facing each other, with one pair tiptoeing for what is obviously a kiss, and there’s a shitty “Love is patient”-esque quote on the front. Infinitely shared on Facebook by those friends who never seem to be single, but I guess there’s some happiness to be found in these things, even though they’re just cheesy photos with quotes that you’d find on a tattoo of a 16-year-old girl.

I’m such a negative Nancy. Maybe I’d understand if I wasn’t so single all the time. Nah!

But that’s what this sherry is sort of like. It’s fake depth. It attempts to be the wise and intelligent sort of sherry with nutty and oxidative tones. But the whole thing is sweetened up by PX juice in a way that almost detracts from any sort of nut character, and instead you get this ripe cola and fig sort of visage. It’s almost the other way around, where it seems like we’ve started with an unctuous Pedro Ximénez that’s been diluted with something else.

It’s funny because I slightly tear this wine to bits, and then I feel bad for all the supposed grandmas that buy this and love it. I should start a program where said grandmas cook me yummy things and tell me cool stories while I supply the equally (actually) yummy sherry, and then post pictures on Facebook to make you feel bad about the fact that some random stranger is hanging out with your grandma. And then photoshop a dumb quote on top of it.

Producer: Harvey’s
Designation: N/A
Region: Spain
Sub-Region: Jerez
Variety: Palomino, Pedro Ximénez
ABV: 17.5%
Vintage: NV
Tasted: February 19, 2014
Price: $18.50


DipWSET, Certified Sommelier, garbage person.

  • lindsay

    Josh, you absolutely slay me. Love this one.

    July 7, 2014 at 9:48 pm
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