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2013 Term 2 Week 3 – Pinot Gris after Pinot Gris after Pinot Gris after Pinot Gris

BIOL 210 – Vascular Plants
Favourite class. We learned about tissue systems and the cells that comprise them. Sclereids, for example, sometimes make up sclerenchyma tissues which provide support and flexibility in vines.

I’m also sure my lab partner hates me. I can hardly section plants to save my life, and I tripped on a chair on the way back to my desk from the demo potato and I instinctively yelled “YOLO”. I hate myself.

Renly update! Look how tall!

BIOL 234 – Fundamentals of Genetics
Mitosis, meiosis, Mendel, and the fear of God instilled into my soul from hoping that my crappy cell division drawings wouldn’t be selected to be displayed on the projector only to be corrected by the prof, complete with humiliating collective questions to the class (“does this cell look right to everyone?”). It’s like getting selected for the most boring Hunger Games ever.

CHEM 205 – Physical Chemistry and FNH 330 – Introduction to Wine Science
I wouldn’t know. On Tuesday I cut classes to attend Taste BC and on Thursday I cut classes (besides BIOL 210 lab in the morning) to attend a couple of agent tastings at work. I understand that skipping almost any class constitutes being behind in almost every circumstance, but everything in CHEM 205 is in the textbook (the prof pretty much spent 20 minutes of the first lecture stressing that CHEM 205 is not difficult) and I could literally write and pass the FNH 330 exam if I wrote it right now. It’s also a pretty painful class to sit through.

I did the math and I actually saved money by skipping class. I think I finally win a point.

Taste BC was pretty cool – the Punisher and I attempted to work our way through the room (complete with bossa nova), starting with sparkling/whites, ending with reds, and having some beer and ciders in the middle to keep things exciting, but our palates were ruined by the end of the whites. Almost every table had Pinot Gris or Chardonnay (which, you know, good for you, BC) but my tongue was numb to everything afterwards.

Spitting was an obvious need for getting through everything, evident by a couple of wasted people who looked like they weren’t sure whether or not they should hide their obvious lack of sobriety. And then there were the people who were red-faced within the first half-hour of the tasting. Kudos, guys.

The food was also amazing. Kudos!

Had to spray my shirt afterwards because I somehow found a streak of red wine on my back (lol?!). Kudos to the assholes who drunkenly bumped into me from behind.

Some co-workers went out after but I was so tired. Kudos to me for being a tired loser.

Thursday: I was sort of doubting whether or not I should stop by work to try the wines, but I know I would be kicking myself if they ended up being amazing. I unexpectedly caught the tail end of one tasting – standouts included a BC Pinot Noir and Italian Pinot Nero.

The wines that followed, though, were so good. And I don’t mean like smile-and-pose-for-a-stock-photo good – I mean you legitimately take a whiff, lay the glass down, fall down to your knees and roll around on the floor good. And you haven’t even taken a sip yet.

Okay maybe not that good, but pretty fucking close.

I’ve only ever had fresh and clean (and sometimes insipid) Garganega, for example, so it was interesting to see it in a super round, yeasty, and rustic style. To the max. That shit smelled something like nutty apricot jam on toast. Garg, I didn’t know you had it in you. Kudos.

The personal winner was the Negroamaro, which was so complex in its aromas – something ridiculous like animals doing an exam with graphite pencils in a field of herbs and black olives and dark fruit – and only a 2010 vintage for characteristics of that calibre. Amazing. I’m really hoping we bring that one in, because I’m hoarding several bottles.

I just found out that there’s another event next Tuesday. Well, fuck. Looks like I’m missing another chem class.


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